Shopping for Daylilies

How Many Plants to Order?

Daylilies come in a wide range of sizes, dependent upon supplier and plant variety. We ship generously sized double fans. As a general rule, use the following guide to determine how many plants to purchase:

• In display gardens, plant daylilies from 14” to 20” apart from all neighbors.

• For dense coverage on a slope or along border, plant 12” - 16” apart.

• If using as a groundcover, plan on spacing in triangular pattern with each plant 24 inches from its neighbor.

• Multiply square footage by .30 to estimate how many plants you will need. (For example, solid coverage of a 100 square foot are would require 30 plants.)

• Think ahead to how you want the garden to look a year or two from now and avoid overplanting which results in unruliness and can make weeding and care difficult. While you are waiting for perennials to reach maturity, use annuals in open spaces for immediate impact.


Our plants are freshly dig to order and are on their way to you within 72 hours of digging. We ship UPS priority mail to ensure your plants arrive safely and quickly. Sorry, but we cannot ship to PO Boxes. If your address includes a Rural Route, please also include a street address to prevent unnecessary delays. Shipping can easily be tracked through the UPS label that ships with your order. If you have special shipping needs, please notify us in the ‘comments’ section and we will make every attempt to accommodate you.

Shipping rate: $7.50 plus 0.55 cents per plant.

What is a Fan?

An individual unit of daylily is called a fan. It includes the roots, crown and leaves only (no flowers or buds). Daylilies are commonly sold by the fan - which simply means number of individual plant within the flower you purchased.

Bare root sales generally include two or three fans while clump sales often include multiple fans which can be further divided prior to planting.

All dirt is rinsed from the roots of Bare Root fans, and the leaves are trimmed.

Return policy

We take great pride in our daylilies and are confident that you will find them to meet or surpass your expectations. All of our plants are guaranteed healthy and backed by this promise - if you are not fully satisfied, let us know and we will send you a replacement as quickly as possible. Please retain the green priority mailing shipping label on the outside of the shipping box as this allows us to easily track any delays in shipping.

Substitution Policy

 We make very effort to keep our plant offerings list up to date. However, sometimes our orders surpass availability for the year. If you ordered a daylily that is out of stock, we will substitute a similar selection of equal or greater value unless you specify ‘no substitutions please’ on the order form.

Gift Cards and Gift Certificates

A gift plant or gift certificate is a very personal way to share your love of daylilies and makes an exceptional gift for friends who enjoy gardening. You can either choose the daylily selection(s) yourself or purchase a gift certificate which allows the recipient to choose. A decorative gift card with a personalized message from you will accompany all gift orders. Gift certificates are available in any amount, $25 or over. Please complete ‘My Personal Message’ section on order form. If desired, the recipient can be notified immediately via email if you provide a correct email address.

Order Three Ways

* By Internet: Place your order 24 hours a day.
* By Mail: Complete order form online or offline. Print and send us completed form.
* By Phone  - Place your order by phone by calling (570) 586-4387.

We fully respect your privacy and do NOT provide your name to other companies.

* We use PayPal Payment Processing for: Paypal/Visa/MC
* Money Order: Plants shipped upon arrival of payment.
* Check - Personal checks may be accepted if they contain name, check number, and full address (no PO Boxes). In the memo box please also include driver’s license or state issued identification number and state of issue. Checks will be verified with a check clearing service. A $20 fee will be charged for any returned checks. Plants paid for by check will be shipped upon check clearing.