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Always Afternoon - $9.00
Morss TET 22in x 5.5in ERe SEV Mauve with purple eyezone Awards- ST97 Bloom Time- June-July re, 6weeks. Bud Count- 21.5

Barbara Mitchell - $6.00
Pierce DIP 20in x 6.5in MRe SEV Large ruffled salmon pink flower with lime green throat. Good grower and seller. Awards- HM87,AM90,SSM92 Bloom Time- June-July re, 6weeks. Bud Count- 14

Brocaded Gown - $8.00
Millikan DIP 26in x 6in EM-Re SEV Large ruffled flower with brocaded look. Always reblooms in August/September. One of the best! Supply limited. Awards- HM83,AM86 Bloom Time- July-August, 10weeks. Bud Count- 16.6

Cat Dancer - Display
Moore Dip 28in x 4.5in M DOR Salmon pink with Lavender-rose eye, green throat. Supply limited. Bloom Time- July, 4weeks. Bud Count- 18

Catherine Woodberry (Very limited supply) - $8.00
Childs DOR 30in x 6in ML DOR Light lavender to orchid with yellow green throat. Needs afternoon shade Supply limited. Awards- HM70,AM73 Bloom Time- July-August, 5weeks. Bud Count- 16.8

Chicago Sunrise - $5.00
Marsh TET 28in x 6in MRe DOR Deep gold, green throat, ruffled and heavy substance. Holds color well, often reblooms. Bloom Time- June-July re, 5weeks. Bud Count- 17.6

Chorus Line - $6.00
Kirchhoff DIP 20in x 3.5in ERe DOR Pink with rose band, yellow halo and greenish throat. Good grower and often reblooms. Awards- HM85,AM88,AGA86,LPA88,* Bloom Time- June-July re, 6weeks. Bud Count- 25

Cindy Meacham - $6.50
DIP 24in x 5in M DOR Large lemon cream flower that sometimes blooms for over 7 weeks. Excellent. Bloom Time- June-July , 5weeks. Bud Count- 24.6

Clarissa - $9.50
DIP 25in x 4in EM DOR Nice pink with darker pink eye, green throat, ruffled. Good bud count. Bloom Time- June-August, 5weeks. Bud Count- 18

Condilla - $5.00
Grooms DIP 20in x 4.5in EM DOR GREAT DOUBLE. Looks like a gold peony flower. Awards- HM82,AM85,IMA84,LAA91,* Bloom Time- Late June-July, 6weeks. Bud Count- 21.2

Custard Candy - $9.00
Salter TET 24in x 4in M DOR Nice round cream flower with a maroon eye zone. Bloom Time- Jun-July, 5weeks. Bud Count- 22

Double Red - $6.00
Hughes DIP 25in x 5in M DOR Nice dark red that is sometimes double, Good grower. Bloom Time- July-August, 4weeks. Bud Count- 12

Dragon King - $12.00
Kirchhoff 22in x 5.5in EMre EV Beautiful mandarin red bloom with yellow green throat. Exceptional. Supply limited. Bloom Time- July-August, 5weeks. Bud Count- NA

Emperor's Dragon - $8.00
Munson TET 26in x 5in MRe EV Light mauve, plum eyezone, green-yellow throat, good grower, long bloomer. Terrific! (Limited Supply). Awards- HM Bloom Time- July-August, 6weeks. Bud Count- 19

Fairy Tale Pink - $6.00
Pierce DIP 24in x 5.5in MRe SEV Pastel pink, round and ruffled, deeper pink veins, yellow-green throat. Long blooming. One of the best. Awards- HM84,AM87,SSM90 Bloom Time- Late June-July, 6weeks. Bud Count- 19

Happy Returns - $4.00
Apps DIP 18in x 3.3in EML DOR Consistent rebloomer from early June on. Light yellow flower. Bloom Time- June-September, 18weeks. Bud Count- 9

Highland Lord - $8.00
Munson TET 22in x 4in ML SEV Double most of the time. A wine-red flower with lemon throat. Bloom Time- June-July, 4weeks. Bud Count- 14

Ice Carnival - $6.00
Childs DIP 28in x 6in M DOR Near white that blooms in July and August. Good grower. Bloom Time- July-August, 5weeks. Bud Count- 13

Jersey Spider - $7.00
Grovatt DIP 46in x 8in ML DOR Large golden orange spider that starts blooming in July and goes into September. Bloom Time- July-Sept, 8weeks. Bud Count- 16

JJ - $20.00
Thomas DIP 24in x 6.5in EM DOR-SP AN EXCLUSIVE! Our first good seedling is a spider, named after our son. Maroon with gold throat that extends to the petals. Bloom Time- June-July, 4weeks. Bud Count- 10

Jolyene Nichole - $6.00
Spalding DIP 14in x 6in MRe EV Rose self with pink blush along the midribs, yellow-green throat. Beautiful flower. Awards- HM90,AM93 Bloom Time- June-July, 7weeks. Bud Count- 15.75

Li'l Grapettte - $7.00
20in x 3in Purple, lightly ruffled, longer bloomer. Bloom Time- late June August, weeks.

Lori Carriker - $9.00
DIP 20in x 7in M SEV Outstanding rose flower with cream blend. Sunfast. Bloom Time- July-August, 5weeks. Bud Count- 20

Lullaby Baby - $6.00
Spalding DIP 19in x 3.5in EM SEV Light pink, ruffled with green throat. Super plant that blooms 8 to 10 weeks. Supply limited. Awards- HM80,AM83,AGA82,LAA88,* Bloom Time- June-August, 10weeks. Bud Count- 35.6

Malaysian Monarch - $9.00
Munson TET 24in x 6in EMre SEV Large burgundy purple bloom with cream white eye and throat. Bloom Time- July-August, 5weeks. Bud Count- NA

Mary Todd - $4.00
Fay TET 26in x 6in E SEV TOP AWARD WINNER! Large yellow ruffled flower that has won all of the top awards. Awards- HM70,AM73,SSM78 Bloom Time- Mid June-July, 7weeks. Bud Count- 21.6

Mini Pearl - $4.00
Jablonski DIP 16in x 3in ML DOR Pink blush with yellow eyezone, green throat. A must-have companion to taller varieties. Bloom Time- Mid July-August, 6weeks. Bud Count- 22.4

Paper Butterfly - $6.50
Morss TET 24in x 6in ERe SEV Coral peach with blue-violet eyezone and green throat. First (May) and last (Nov.) to bloom here. Our favorite. Awards- HM87,AM90,DSA87 Bloom Time- May-September, 11weeks. Bud Count- 15.4

Pardon Me - $4.00
Apps DIP 18in x 2.75in MRe DOR Lots of bright red blossoms from Mid-July through August. (Limited Supply). Awards- HM84,AM87,DFC85 Bloom Time- July-August, 6weeks. Bud Count- 37.2

Pandora's Box - $6.00
Talbott DIP 19in x 4in EMRe EV Cream with purple eye, soft substance, sometimes reblooms. Awards- HM84,AM87,AGA87 Bloom Time- Mid June-July, 6weeks. Bud Count- 18.6

Point Of View - $16.00
Roberts TET 35in x 7in ML DOR Large plant with exceptional red flower. Very limited supply. (Grower's favorite). Bloom Time- July-August, 4weeks. Bud Count- NA

Prize Picotee Elite - $15.00
Klehn TET 25in x 5in E DOR Cream petals, purple eyezone, crimped purple edging and green throat. Limited supply. (Temporarily Sold Out). Bloom Time- June-July, 4weeks. Bud Count- 15

Red Rum - $4.00
Pittard DIP 16in x 4in M SEV Brick red flower that starts in June. Good grower and long bloomer. Sometimes reblooms in Fall. Long bloomer. Awards- HM79,AM82,AGA79,LAA84,* Bloom Time- June-July, 6weeks. Bud Count- 25

Royal Occasion - $4.00
Apps DIP 26in x 5in ML SEV Burgundy with black eyezone and green throat that blooms 7 to 9 weeks for us. Long Bloomer. Bloom Time- June-August, 7weeks. Bud Count- 36

Saco - $4.00
Whatley TET 27in x 6in ML SEV Nice yellow with heavy substance that blooms in late July and August. Deer Resistant. Awards- HM Bloom Time- July-August, 5weeks. Bud Count- 20

Scarlet Orbit - $5.00
Gates TET 22in x 6in EM EV Our best red. Bright and ruffled and a consistent 6 weeks of color. Sometimes reblooms. Fragrant Awards- HM87,AM91 Bloom Time- Late June-July, 5weeks. Bud Count- 21.8

Scentual Sundance - $7.50
Blew DIP 18in x 4in ERe DOR Deep yellow with green throat, fragrant, that starts in Mid June and ends with first heavy frost. (Very limited supply). Bloom Time- Mid June-Sept., 14weeks. Bud Count- 26.8

Siloam Double Classic - $7.00
Henry DIP 16in x 5in EM DOR Mostly double, mostly pink, sometimes looks peach. You could make a living growing just this one. Awards- HM88,AM91,IMA88,LPA85,SSM93,* Bloom Time- Mid June-July, 5weeks. Bud Count- 19.8

Siloam Ethel Smith - $4.00
Henry DIP 20in x 3.25in M DOR Pinkish beige with thin rose eyezone and green throat. Great companion for other perennial colors. Awards- HM84 Bloom Time- Late June-July, 6weeks. Bud Count- 26.4

Spider Man - $9.00
Durio TET 18in x 7in M DOR-SP Bright red star-like spider with chartreuse throat. Very limited supply. Bloom Time- June-July, 5weeks. Bud Count- NA

Stella De Oro - $4.00
Jablonski DIP 16in x 2.75in EMRe DOR The plant that put daylilies on the map. Longest blooming, compact plant with small yellow-gold flower. Fragrant. Awards- HM79,AM82,SSM85,DFC79,* Bloom Time- Late May-Frost, 20weeks. Bud Count- 11.5

Strutters Ball - $6.50
Moldovan TET 28in x 6in M DOR More burgundy than purple with silver-white watermark. A top seller. Awards- HM89,AM92 Bloom Time- Late June-July, 6weeks. Bud Count- 19.4

Upper Class Peach - $9.00
Klehm TET 40in x 6in M DOR Peach blend with ivory midribs, ruffled with golden yellow petal edges and yellow and green throat. Long bloomer. Bloom Time- July-August, 6weeks. Bud Count- 30