Four tables are included about daylilies that we have under evaluation, and including some that have failed our quality tests. Most of the information is based our our experience and growing conditions is Southeastern Pennsylvania. The tables are:

Rank - Weeks In Bloom
Use this table to see the relative differences in the elapsed bloom times of daylilies.

Daylilies Listed By Mature Plant Height (Inches)
Use this table to fit daylilies into your landscapes by plant height. Plants are listed from tallest to shortest as mature 3 year clumps.

Ranked By Average Bud Count Per Scape (Stem)
Bud counts are an important measure to determine the intensity of color in a mature clump and also influence the length of bloom period. We have ranked hybrids based on actual conditions at our nursery. You will find that most hybridizers avoid this subject in their catalogs.

Grouped By Primary Color
We are often asked how to group together serveral different plants to get a full season of a particular color. This table groups hybrids by primary color if this is how you plan to select plants.